Sunday, 1 March 2009

Why correct inflection is important

Always nice to start the day with a big, unexpected laugh, and that is just what I've done, courtesy of an actor on 'The Archers' who slightly misinflected the line

'If you ever want a job in the future, let me know'

No such misinflections (seamless. It's a SEAMLESS link) are to be found in The Death of Grass, which runs from Monday to Friday on Radio 4 at 1045 and 1945 and will also be available on Listen Again on the BBC website. It's an adaptation of John Christopher's 1950s sci fi novel, which stars That Comedian as the narrator, with some other people in it who you probably know, and, in a couple of cases, are.

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David said...

Ah, I knew you must succumb to your blog title sooner or later. You probably gave up on mine, but it's back and running after a BIG lacuna.

Just wanted to know if 'The Death of Grass' was your repository for the Messiaen Quatuor...I used to listen to WH but I've long since succumbed to the World Service.

Noted your comment on the French gal's terible Entfu(e)hrung Deutsch and was tempted to rejoin Parterre to comment - but didn't. My rejoinder was to have been to the effect that Simon Estes (mentioned earlier in that thread) gets the award for the Worst French. It's on the Jessye Norman Carmen. It's treasurable the way he says, with broad American accent 'Dis-moi ton nom, et le premier fois que je frapperai un taureau, je prononcerai ton nom'. I always thought it would make a good answerphone message, but not everyone gets Francais.

Well, all the best, drop us a line on 'I'll think...' if you think of anything.