Monday, 18 May 2009

'a whole layer of tennisy nuances'

I wrote that phrase on another website earlier today.

It's not something I would ever have imagined myself saying.


John Finnemore said...

So, I googled 'tennisy nuances' to see if anyone else on the internet had ever used it (no), and enjoyed the fact that Google offered the suggestion: 'Did you mean to search for "Tennessee nuances"?'

Reminds me of that joke: 'Do you know any Tennessee Williams?' 'Yes, Venus and Serena.'

jondrytay said...

John- I was intrigued enough to google it for myself, and find that it *had* been said elsewhere.

By me. On yet another site, in September 2008, in exactly the same context as I used it yesterday. So this whole post is a LIE born of senility and forgetfulness. Well, not quite. I didn't say 'layer' last time.