Friday, 10 July 2009

I promise, promise, promise that this isn't an opera thing*

Nonetheless, though, I couldn't love a person who didn't love this.

She's not the greatest of all actors, but she is nonetheless giving it some. And I will always love that. And there's an E flat.


*it is a bit


David said...

Me again, I'm afraid, but you want a reaction. Well, the phrasing is stupendous in 'Ah, fors'e lui' - first time all in one breath, second done differently with the little intakes of breath accented as Verdi intended. She holds them still for 'follie, follie' and of course does all the fireworks in 'Sempre libera'. The E flat is of course there, but Sutherland's was always fuller.

But marvellous, thank you. And I've been through at least a dozen versions of this with my students: been wanting to give the chapter and verse for some time, but it's on hold while I get Rusalka under my belt.

jondrytay said...

'Me again, I'm afraid'? Tsk. It's always a pleasure to read your replies.

jondrytay said...

Just watched it again, as I had a yen to (no pun intended). There's something very endearing about the fact that- I think, watching it- she takes too big a glug of the champers/water, has to spit a bit out, and is in slight breath trouble as a result afterwards.

Question- how the hell do singers manage to sing in corsets? I've seen actresses nearly fainting after a heavy night of Wilde.

Glory von Hathor said...

Wooonderful. Magic, magic E, as they used to sing on Look and Learn.