Friday, 18 September 2009


If that's not a word, it should be. Anyway, this is by nature of a guilt post. I can't stand the type of blogger who castigates himself for not posting- it seems to imply that hundreds of people are desperately waiting for the next effusion- but I am about to become one of them. There is so much to say about Hong Kong and Sydney that every time I sit down to start to write it, I begin to whimper slightly. I will say two things to you, however, as a placeholder for any future time when I might feel a little more verbose.

1) If ever you get a chance to see Cate Blanchett on stage, for god's sake go.
2) Typhoons aren't as exciting as they sound.


David said...

See Auden/Kallmann libretto for Stravinsky's Rake's Progress where Nick Shadow, in fab musical wordsetting 'forgives' Tom Rakewell's 'dilatoriness'. So it is.

David said...

Well, looks like both you and Rupe fell into that ciecatrap (no one else will know what I mean, but never mind). I feel sullied just reading the stream of paranoid filth that pours out of American psychos, and it looks as if you're in there with them. Say something! I certainly won't.

jondrytay said...

David- there would be absolutely no point.

The whole issue of singers' nationality just depresses me now.

David said...

Well, yes, probably best to leave the negativity alone.

Now, tell us what you've been up to recently.

Steff said...

I disagree about the Typoons: I got to see the RAF display guy practice his airshow routine twice a day for a week and I don't think I could ever become bored by it. The Tornado makes a much more dramatic noise, mind.