Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Ten Things About The Edinburgh Fringe 2010.

1: A capella groups get quite old quite quickly. The all-female groups are drippy. The all-male groups are smug. Get a piano.

2: There is no competition between a twenty-minute walk and a five quid cab ride.

3: The EUSA shop needs to order more Double Cheese and Onion Ginster sandwiches.

4: My flatmate is not after all the most obsessive kitchen-tidier alive.

5: Acrylic wigs smell if you sweat in them.

6: You're pretty much guaranteed a good show at the Trav, but innit pricey?

7: Not everyone who you think is a lesbian is a lesbian.

8: One of this year's Footlights is a way more committed flyerer than any of the others.

9: A wooden platform will bear a combined weight of around 25 stone for just over a month. After that it's touch and go.

10: Even at the advanced age of 37, it's still the best fun it's possible to have in August.


David said...

11. If you could take any one item for free from any of the stalls that line the Playfair Steps, you still couldn't find anything you'd want. Well, I wouldn't.

12. The Pleasance Dome has turned a no-hope student centre into something at least half-jolly to look at.

13. Check your venue (if a punter). The Pleasance may not mean the Pleasance; the Traverse may not be the Traverse.

14. Comedians equal decadence. Far too many of 'em now. Praise be to musicals, even the ones (ahem) I didn't get to see.

Glory von Hathor said...

I think you can keep number 7 for all year round.

Ergh, wig stink is vile. Hopefully there's no sharing of wigs. They get quite unsanitary if you don't give them a bath in a pair of tights from time to time. Handsoap and fabric conditioner will do.