Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Blind Man's Buff

In 2006, I was a member of the company for the Summer Festival Season at Pitlochry Festival Theatre. Later in the season, once there was no more rehearsing, a group of us got together in the studio of the local radio station, Heartland FM, and recorded a couple of radio plays I'd written.

This is not high-tech stuff- it was an interview studio, not a drama one, and our attempts at sound effects and atmos are rudimentary and non-existent, respectively. And I didn't understand the editing software very well so we had to do every scene in one take!

But the quality of the acting was so high, and they're sweet stories- cheerful romcoms which might make people smile in this weird time- that I thought I'd put them online. I hope they'll fill a little time in a self-isolated or quarantined day.

This is the first of them- BLIND MAN'S BUFF. Written in 1999, recorded with a few rewrites in 2006. (If I had been able to see the future I probably wouldn't have called a character Alexa...) If people enjoy it I'll put up the other play, a comedy about dating and maths called BYPASSING JENNY.

Here it is!

Cast in order of appearance:

Rachel: Helen Logan
Alexa: Amy Ewbank
Alan: Ronnie Simon
Tom: Anthony Glennon
Jill: Michele Gallagher
Tony: Darrell Brockis


slepkane said...

Brilliant! Thank you for this. Much love xxx

jondrytay said...

Thanks Simon, and to you xxx

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