Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Not such an early adopter, either.

So, I accidentally spent yesterday reading blogs. The whole day, I mean. It started with one of those hungover whims when an email led me to a facebook page which led me to a blog which led me to another blog until I realised that I'd spent the whole day reading blogs.

That is definitely the most times I have written the word 'blog' in one sentence. Anyway, I thought 'I should get myself one of those' and then I remembered that I already had one. A couple of years ago, I registered a google/blogger identity in order to be able to post on a gay opera webzine (I'm sure most of us have posted on a gay opera webzine at some point or another) and created what appear to be two seperate blogs under the same identity. One of these is called, quite simply, 'mememe', which although I suspect is a searingly accurate title for what is to come, does seem a little indulgent.

So we'll opt for this one instead, whose name refers poncily to my poncy blogger username, which I ought really to change to my own actual name, I suppose. And I must work out how to show people how to find their way here. And what to put.

So. Yes. A blog. My blog. Look!

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jondrytay said...

Yeah, see, that was supposed to be the first one.

Ho hum.